The network has a supervisory board co-ordinating network-wide training. The board will ensure that scientific and technological training through personalised research projects is balanced with complementary skills training, appropriate to the needs of each recruited researcher. It will also establish active and continuous communication and exchange of best practice among the network participants to maximise the benefits of the partnership.

The Supervisory board will be constituted by

alain.milon||A. Milon - Managing director of the ITN
andreas.engel||A. Engel - Director of the scientific council in charge of student recruitment and selection
archer||M. Archer - In charge of practical training courses (with M. Baldus)
maba||M. Baldus - In charge of practical training courses (with M. Archer)
sfilipek||S. Filipek - In charge of dissemination of results, communication and website development
mueller||D. Müller - In charge of complementary skills training
horst.vogel||H. Vogel - In charge of workshops, international meetings, conferences
schmidt||T. Schmidt - Leiden, as a visiting scientist, in charge of promoting contacts outside the network
g.siegal||G. Siegal - SME ZoBio, Leiden, in charge of promoting contacts with the private sector