PhD projects

Nb Principal Investigator PhD project Filled
1. H. Oschkinat Functionally relevant slow and fast dynamics in porin structures by SSNMR, AFM and EM; Yes
F. Bernhard,
V. Dötsch
Structural & functional characterization of V2R. Yes
3. D. Müller Developing new approaches to decipher the interactions stabilizing membrane proteins; A joint SMFS application, nanotechnological application and bioinformatics approach Yes
4. A. Milon Structure - dynamics - function of OmpA protein from klebsiella pneumoniae; a joint ssNMR - AFM - EM - SMFS approach Yes
5. D. Müller Structure – dynamics - function of OmpF channel protein from E. coli; a joint AFM – SMFS – ssNMR – EM approach Yes
6. H. Vogel Molecular network of GPCR mediated signalling in live cells Withdrawn
7. H. Vogel Structure and function of odorant receptors Withdrawn
F. Bernhard,
V. Dötsch
Liquid state NMR analysis of membrane proteins Yes
9. F. Bernhard
V. Dötsch
Functional and molecular characterization of GPCRs: Synergies of biochemical and structural techniques Yes
G. Siegal
(industrial partner)
Discovery of High Affinity Small Molecule Ligands for Membrane Proteins Yes
11. A. Engel Expression structural analysis of AQP6 Yes
12. H. Grubmüller Inhibition of AQP4 and AQP2 by specific ligand Yes
13. H. Vogel Structural & functional characterization of 5HT3 Yes
14. E. Pebay-Peyroula Structure-function of mitochondrial carriers: crystal structures combined to in situ studies Yes
E. Pebay-Peyroula
F. Fieschi
Structure-function of chemokine receptors Yes
16. H. Grubmüller Molecular interactions switching the functional state of bovine rhodopsin; a joint SMFS and MD approach Yes
17. V. Gordeliy Exploring 3D membrane protein crystallization in various lipidic phases. Application to several proteins and to the glutamate transporter from E. coli Withdrawn
18. V. Gordeliy Investigation of intercellular communication. Structure-function studies of connexins Yes
19. M. Archer Structure - function of sugar transporters in Streptococcus an Lactococcus Yes
20. M. Archer Structural characterization of di-myo-inositol-phosphate synthase (DIPPS): the first representative of a new class of enzymes Yes
21. M. Archer Production, structural and functional characterization of membrane transport proteins from Archaea Yes
22. H. Vogel GPCRs & their G proteins reconstituted in planar membranes: A generic platform to investigate receptor mediated signalling Withdrawn
23. M. Baldus Site-directed spin labeling & Solid-state NMR: An optimized approach to study protein structure and ligand binding in lipid bilayers Yes
24. V. Dotsch Exploring structure, assembly and function of the vasopressin receptors: A joint AFM – EM – SMFS approach No
25. A. Engel Exploring structure, assembly and function of the vasopressin receptors: A joint AFM – EM – SMFS approach Yes
26. J.L. Popot Structural study of the NT1 receptor: Over-expression, re-folding and purification Withdrawn
27. A. Milon Solution state NMR structure determination of PorA, the major porin of Corynebacterium glutamicum Yes
28. S.Filipek Structural and functional characterization of γ-secretase, a core protein complex responsible for Alzheimer’s Disease. Theoretical modeling and NMR approach. Yes
C. Breyton,
J.L. Popot
Structural study of the E. coli-bacteriophage T5 recognition mechanisms. A combined electron microscopy and crystallographic approach Yes
30. H. Oschkinat Structure determination of membrane proteins by solid-state NMR: The example of OmpG Yes
31. M. Archer Structural characterisation of the melanophilin-myosinva complex Yes
32. S. Filipek Investigation of molecular switches at G protein-coupled receptors: chemokine receptor CXCR4 and formyl peptide receptors FPR1-3 Yes